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Jack O'Rourke and The Legendary Ingramettes Double Bill

Jack O'Rourke 1.jpg
Sunday 25th Sept | 7.30 pm
Price: €20
All Saints Church


Tickets available on the door tonight.

Making a virtue out of necessity, Jack O’Rourke spent the lockdown years of 2020 and 2021 writing and performing online from his attic room The songs that poured from this burst of creativity are amongst his best work. Do not miss the chance to hear his voice live - it is a thing of power and beauty.


The Legendary Ingramettes were founded by plantation-born Maggie Ingram as a way to keep her family together through hardship. The Legendary Ingramettes, now led by Maggie’s daughter Almeta, bring roof-raising harmonies and explosively powerful vocals.  Honoured with the 2022 National Heritage Fellowship, the highest honour that the United States bestows upon traditional artists, their funk, soul and folk-inspired melodies serve up a heady brew to intoxicate both the sinner and the righteous. “It’s soul-stirring, life-changing music with a message that crosses the aisle to bring a smile to your face and put joy in even the most curmudgeonly heart.” – Grant Britt – No Depression (The Journal of Roots Music)

Seating is unreserved.


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